Safe Journey
with Sunhotels

Smile, you are on holiday


Quite a few habits have changed from the past, our heartfelt welcome remains unchanged though.
With the necessary safety measures and with our engagement we will be ready to deliver a safe holiday to all our guests. Hygiene and cleaning are fundamental and have top priority to us.

In order to guarantee you a relaxed and safe holiday, with our well known Sunhotels style, please find herewith the most important safety measures we have implemented for you:

Progetto_senza_titolo.pngONLINE CHECK-IN
Online check-in with no worries and without any queue for a relaxed beginning of holiday.

Progetto_senza_titolo_2.pngEVERY MEAL IS PERFECT
Large restaurants with enough spaces to enjoy a relaxing meal with social distance.

Progetto_senza_titolo_4.pngFEEL SAFE
Disinfecting gel is to be found everywhere in the hotel, all surfaces in common areas are cleaned and sanitised several times during the day.

Icone_50x50.pngFEEL FREE
Our common areas are huge with enough space available for all guests in all safety.

Progetto_senza_titolo_5.pngALL OPEN
All our services are available for you. The swimming pools are to be used and the gardens offer open space for all guests.

Progetto_senza_titolo_9.pngFAMILY FRIENDLY
As usual and on a daily basis we take care of your children, the only change is that the groups are smaller with less participants. Playground, equipment and toys are cleaned and sanitised regurarly.

Progetto_senza_titolo_10.pngBEST RESERVATION POLICY
Book your holiday in safety, you can eventually cancel up to 2 days prior arrival.


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